Benefits of Google Tag Manager in a Large Organization

Circle of Tagging Process

Benefits of Google Tag Manager in a Large Organization

Shortly after taking my job, I worked through implementing Google Tag Manager on all of our web sites. This shaved weeks off of the timeline to deploy new analytics tags. It eliminated uncertainty and obscurity in the whole process. It eliminated chances to make mistakes and delays in communication due to individuals being out or not answering email.

It also provided a more visible way to log what tags were active, which were not, and test whether or not they are correctly firing.

Old Way: Steps to add a new tag

Circle of Tagging Process

Circle of Tagging Process: 2 – 3 Weeks

  1. Third-Party Vendor sends code to Marketing Manager
    (Day 1)
  2. Marketing Manager sends a request with the code to Web Development Manager
    (Same Day)
  3. Web Dev Manager assigns the request to a Web Developer
    (1-3 Days)
  4. Web Developer completes request and schedules it for deployment(assuming there it does not have to go into a testing phase before going live to production)
    (1 – 10 days)
  5. Web Development notifies Marketing Manager
    (1 day)
  6. Marketing Manager notifies the Third-Party Vendor
    (Same Day)

Total Process: 15-16 Days depending on communication.

The above can take weeks or more. Additionally, if there are problems or errors in the implementation, the same process might be re-traced to eliminate errors and verify proper functionality.

New Way: Using Tag Manager

  1. Third-Party Vendor sends the code to Marketing Manager
    (1 min)
  2. Marketing Manager forwards it to the Analytics / Tag Manager Guru
    (1 min)
  3. Analytics Guru adds the tag, tests that the tag fires properly, and notifies Marketing Manager.
    (15 min)
  4. Marketing Manager notifies the Third-Party Vendor.
    (5 min)

Total Process: SAME DAY or even within the Hour!

Tagging with Google Tag Manager

Tagging with Google Tag Manager: 1 Day!

In the above situation, all errors or tag firing inconsistencies can be dealt with much more quickly also. Any discrepancies can be eliminated in a phone call in real-time testing.


  • Time to implement new tags or tag modifications goes from weeks to within an hour, depending upon the communication.
  • Far fewer individuals involved, thereby decreasing communication and resulting errors and delays.
  • Analytics Guru can speak directly with the Third-Party Vendor for testing if necessary.
  • Major Benefit: Marketing Manager has a much clearer and transparent view of what tags are implemented and which are not. Marketing Manager can log right into Tag Manager and view the active tags for a specific container.
  • Major Benefit: The Marketing Manager can also debug the firing and verify before notifying the third-party vendor.
  • Higher Accountability and Transparency throughout the process.
  • Potential for delays and errors are diminished.



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