Can we trust Google Analytics Content Groupings?


Can we trust Google Analytics Content Groupings?

Can you trust Content Groupings?

With excitement last month, I setup my content groups. Amidst all of the data that flows into my analytics view, I began to question what I was seeing. Can we trust those content groups?

Well, I finally got around to testing it myself. Here is what I came up with and how you can test it yourself (assuming you already have some content groups created).

  1. Chose a content group to view in one chrome tab.
    1. Behavior – Site Content – All Pages
    2. Set your period of time, perhaps 4 or 5 days.
    3. In the Primary Dimension fie
      ld, choose your particular content grouping.
    4. Choose your particular content area and see what the Pageviews and Unique Views are for a period of time.
    5. Mine was 342 for Pageviews and 161 for Unique Views.


  2. Next, open another tab in Analytics and create a Custom Report.
    1. Head over to ‘Customization’
    2. Make sure your date is set to the same as the other Analytics tab.
    3. New Custom Report
    4. Explorer Type, and add the following metrics (Pageviews, Unique Views, and Unique Visitors)
    5. Dimensions (Page)
    6. Now set a filter on this custom report
      1. Include – Page – Regex – (insert the specific regular expressions that will target the pages included in your content grouping)
      2. Save
    7. Note that your Unique Visitors will match your ‘Unique Views’ in the regular content report.
    8. View your custom report. How does it work out?



Here are the results of mine:

Pageviews Unique Views Unique Visitors
Content Grouping 342 161
Custom Report 341 0 157


So what is the difference between Unique Views and Unique Visitors?

Unique Views: The Unique Views count for a given content group represents the number of sessions in which a page in that group was viewed one or more times. A unique view is counted for each page URL + page Title combination. Learn more

Unique Visitors: Unique Visitors is the number of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period.
For more information, see Unique Visitors calculation in Google Analytics.


  1. We can trust content groupings (assuming you set them up properly). Yeah! :)
  2. We can pretty much equate Unique Views to Unique Visitors. Any thoughts on that?
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