Case Study – Add Calls to Action today!


Case Study – Add Calls to Action today!

For a certain university, there are over 160 different degree offerings on it’s website. The traffic showed that people arrived at a degree page and then later, they submitted an inquiry or applied. However there was no direct call to action on the degree pages to tell them to do that. Those who inquired went back to the home page or another generic page in ¬†order to find a button to click.

My suggestion was to add a ‘request info’ and ‘apply’ button to every one of those pages. There is nothing genius about that. It’s common sense right.



But what is the impact of adding buttons?

Well the results are in. Here is a view of our year over year unpaid inquiries. The Blue line is this year.


The point at which it began to spike is the week we added the buttons to all of the degree pages. The slow downward trend is approaching Christmas and the New Year. This represents a lot of additional applications!

Here are visits to the ‘request info’ page on my goal chart.


*This chart spans from August to January 1.


Here is another view which shows a Goal Flow to our request information page.

It compares the change in traffic one month before and after our changes. The Masters directory increased by over 500%. This means that out of 22 different pages in this directory, we sent and increase of 500% of traffic to the inquiry page. Where you see the RED decrease, those are the pages where people went previously to find the call to action to inquire.


* I have removed the actual numbers of our traffic to protect my client.

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