Steps to increase PageSpeed

Up from 51/100 by adding file compression on the server and Photon service.

Steps to increase PageSpeed

Our new website was performing terribly. At (, we scored 51/100! I was already using TimThumb to compress the images and serve them up, but this was not good enough.

Google recommended that we turn on file compression.

  • Page Speed Before: 51/100
  • Page Speed After: 88/100

Turning on Resource Compression

  • Located in cPanel
  • Go to the section Software / Services
  • Click on Optimize Website
  • Choose the radio button ‘Compress all Content’

That is still not good enough. The next step was to try a faster image optimization and delivery solution. I am using it with the Justified Image Grid Gallery from CodeCanyon. I have TimThumb activated. This uses php to on-the-fly optimize the image and cache it.

Google recommended that we optimize our images more and reduce the php scripts. That would mean eliminating TimThumb.

  • Page Speed Before: 88/100
  • Page Speed After: 90/100

Turning on Photon Image Acceleration from WordPress

  • Install the plugin JetPack
  • You need to login to WordPress services
  • Find Photon under JetPack and click ‘activate’
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Confirm that your image locations have now changed. The new location may be something like…<your domain and path to image>h=255

The page speed result jumped to 90/100! Great.

Still too slow!

However it’s still too slow. Anyone know how to speed up your server response time?


Originally 51/100. Adding file compression and the photon service, brought us to 90/100.


I installed the WordPress W3 Total Cache plugin to minify my html, css, and scripts and provide some more caching. This increased my speed slightly.

  • Page Speed Before: 90/100
  • Page Speed After: 92/100
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